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Industrial sewing machine

We are an industrial sewing machine manufacturer.
交换夫妻 Especially, we manufacture chainstitching (Kan-nui) machines. We introduce a wide variety of our lineup of chainstitching (Kan-nui) machines,and innovative productivity improvement tools, such as our “Factory Improvement Software,” which was created based on feedback from voices in the field.

  • GX series

    GX series

    Dry head type, overedger & safety stitch machines

  • GXT series

    GXT series

    Dry head type, variable top feed, overedger & safety stitch machines

  • LaRgo/FS700P series

    LaRgo/FS700P series

    Equipped with a right and left independent differential feed adjustment mechanism, Oil Barrier type, 4-needle, feed-off-the-arm, interlock stitch machines for flat seaming

Sewing machine lineups